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Getting imagery the right way: Take your own

Website content is very important for gaining and holding a visitor, but to grab their initial attention you need captivating images and videos. There is a wrong way and a right way to get those media files. As we continue our look at how to correctly use images and videos on your website we are looking at method 2: Take your own.

The Jack of all trades

Sometimes we run into the jack of all trades who can tune up the car, patch the roof, and take great pictures of it all. If photography is an area where you excel, taking your own pictures is a great option. If you are not good at taking pictures, save yourself the trouble and hire a professional.

Taking your own pictures ensures that you get the shots you want, on your schedule, and since you took them you own everything about them. You are saving both the cost of a professional and the worry of a copyright violation. You can also cycle back and update your photos and videos with new materials as your business evolves or seasons change. Sometimes the cost of a professional can make this harder to do.

Take lots of pictures

As you are taking your pictures, you will need different orientations, different angles, and different lighting. We always encourage people to take a lot of pictures. We do not have to use them all so get snap happy and load that memory card up. We can filter through the best shots and toss the rest aside. This also provides good material for a photo gallery on your website. That feature can give people a nice feel for your company.

Test different days and times

Since you can be flexible in scheduling, take the liberty of getting pictures at different times and even different days. That adds some depth to the images. Instead of the people all wearing the same outfits or the ambient lighting being all the same, your pictures will show variety and only add to the appeal of your website.

Make sure you have fun when taking your own pictures. Happy people are always more appealing. Be happy, show a happy culture, and that feeling will attach to the emotions your visitors have about your business.