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Our Most Recent Blog Posts!

Social Media – Why Twitter Matters

July 9th, 2014

SSM 1 V1It’s been eight years since it invaded our lives, sending messages in 140 characters or less.  Twitter has helped fan the flames of revolution, told us breaking news and has been a constant in our lives.

But is it necessary for our day-to-day lives?

The short answer is no.  It isn’t a necessity to live tweet your life, letting people know what restaurant you are at or how many ducks you have seen that day.

But it is necessary to tell your narrative, either for your business or your personal one.

Twitter has had a magical power to draw thousands of people in to even the most mundane things.  Think about how many people wait with baited breath to read celebrity tweets or messages from leaders.

Your personal brand can do the same.  Maybe not on the same scale, but you can have people ready to hear what you have to say. Even reaching 50 people can have a big impact for you in sales or recognition.  And recognition is what Twitter is all about.

For the people of Your Web Pro, Twitter is not just a fad. We know what it means to technology and how people will continue to use it.  That’s why one of the things we offer for social media is hosting your Twitter account.  We want you to know you are being taken care of, and we want your audience to know you are active and will use tools like Twitter to reach them.

So reach out to us.  We would like to help, and can do it in 140 characters or less.

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Is Website Maintenance Necessary?

June 26th, 2014

Maintenance-1 - V1People ask us all the time about our maintenance services. Specifically, they want to know if or why they are necessary.

Yes, yes they are.

No, I’m not saying that just because I work here. There are numerous advantages to each of our maintenance options.

First, our Reputation Management option is geared to boost your results on search engines like Yahoo!, Google and Bing. We also manage your reviews on sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle and YP.com. We make sure your best foot is being put forward online.

We also offer SEO management for your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a big buzzword around the web, but many people don’t understand what it is. Basically, you write headlines, page titles and articles that will help boost your visibility on search engines like Google. By increasing SEO, Your Web Pro is helping the visibility of your site to reach the biggest audience.

Another option of our maintenance services is our social media management, we’ll save that for another article.

But finally, Your Web Pro offers website maintenance. Many people have said to us “I don’t want to have to run my site.” Well, we do, and can run everything you need – including updates to information on your site.

Your Web Pro can help you tackle any project you want with your website, and we look forward to serving you.

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Clutter and Junk in a Digital World

June 25th, 2014

digitaljunkYou all know the desk.  The desk that no one has seen the surface of in years.  The desk covered in papers and files and junk.  Have you seen a computer in the same shape?  It happens to all of us at some point; we get too much junk on our desktops and too many files on our computers.  It is necessary to keep files that are important, but organizing those files can help you not only find them better, but run smoother.  This is not only true of your local machine, but of our web servers as well.  It is server junk  I want to focus on in this article.

The Downside of Junk
It can be a real problem if your account is full of old email, files, and junk on the server.  We archive backups of all of your files on a daily basis and the larger those files, the longer the process takes to archive and restore.  If you can imagine, the time spent restoring an account that is 200mb vs one that is 12gb is quite different.  If your website was down pending that restoration, it might be down for an hour at 200mb, but could be a day or more at 12gb.  So keeping files tidy and removing old emails will really be beneficial to you if there is a problem in the future.

The Upside of Junk
There is not one.

Junk and the Junky Junkers That Generate It
Server junk can come from a number of sources: spam or unwanted email, old files from previous website updates, and backups that are generated and not cleaned.  There are other sources that are not client related as well like server logs and config backups.  In short, there is a lot of digital junk generated by a number of sources.  The big question is:  Are you a junk generator?

You Might Be a Junk Generator If…
You leave hundreds (or thousands) of emails in your IMAP account that you do not need.
You run backups of your website to download then leave them on the server.
You update forms or images on your website then leave the old files lying around.
Fear not if you have been generating junk.  There is hope and we are here to help.

Keepin’ It Clean
We proactively handle the cleanup on some of these things – like spam email.  If you are running spam filtering to move junk email automatically to a folder, we will set that mail to delete after 30 days in most cases.  The reason for this is that most people will not clean out those folders and we do not want to store millions of junk messages.  In other instances, we do not remove files unless you request it – and we would love for you to request this more.  If you have years worth of old email saved on the server we can clear that up in a few minutes.  The same is true of old website files and backups.  Notify us anytime and we can help you keep it clean.

Save The Servers.  Toss Your Trash.
Essentially we need your help in this effort.  If there are things in there that can be cleaned up please let us know.  We want to keep everything running well to give you the best service.  Your helping us is the best way for us to help you.

The post Clutter and Junk in a Digital World appeared first on Your Web Pro Lubbock Website Design in Lubbock Web Designers.